Meet The Characters
Uncle Rubus--Wizard of the Green
Rubus is Latin for plants with prickles and a rambling habit and sweet fruits.

Rubus is a semi-retired professor of botany at a small local university on the edge of a small town in Ohio. He is well respected for his knowledge of plants and for hybridizing many plants. He has made enough money from his sales of hybridized plants to make a comfortable living. A strong believer in world ecology, Rubus has traveled the world meeting other botanists, scientists, and witches collecting rare seeds of endangered plants for propagation. Rubus is tall, with graying blond hair and intense blue eyes and 50ish. He has never married and has no children of his own.

He made legal arrangements with state social services to have his small nephew, Darach, removed from his abusive parents; Darach lives with him. In the world of witches, Rubus is famous for his knowledge and use of magical herbs. Numerous times he has been sought after by other witches to assist them with botanical spells. On occasion he has used his powerful green magic to bring evil witches and sorcerers to justice.

Rubus, Wizard of the Green, is also an expert on dragons.
Flo is short for Flora, the Goddess of Flowers.

Born of British parents, she emigrated with them to a small farm in central Ohio. Now in her 60s, she works as Rubus' housekeeper and helps take care of his young nephew. She provides both home schooling during the school year and assists Rubus with magic during winter and summer breaks. She lives in a small apartment attached to Rubus' house.

She first met Rubus when he was a student at the university; he would later become professor of botany. Flo was a cleaner at the school and later moved to her farm after her parents' death to grow an assortment of herbs to sell to local witches. Flo is well respected as a kind and giving witch who has an unusual flair for the magical use of herbs.

Darach is the Celtic name for strong as an oak.

Bright and full of energy, the curly blond, blue-eyed, dimple-chinned boy came to live with his Uncle Rubus. With no extra bedrooms in the house, Flo and Rubus made him a comfortable bedroom with his own bath in the basement.

When he first came to live with his uncle, he noticed there were many strange and unusual things going on in the house. Before long he was shocked to learn his uncle was a witch! With Rubus and Flo's help, he discovered he had the gift of photopsychicsythsis , or the ability to feel and communicate with plants. Surprised he also was a witch, he helped his uncle fight the evil Dark Master and saved plant life from being eliminated from the Earth. It was a fairy who first nicknamed him the boy who talks to trees, and now among witches and elves, fairies and the like he is known by this name due to his rare gift.
Rosemary's namesake is a sweet-smelling herb with the virtues of wisdom, love and loyalty.

Mysterious and lovely, Rosemary is a witch with very powerful psychic abilities. She is much loved by both her son, Rubus, and her grandson Darach.

She is able to appear within a aqua green mist anywhere in the world by mentally projecting her thoughts. On several occasions, she has used her gift to assist her son Rubus in dangerous and deadly situations. Rosemary is a wise and knowledgeable witch who knows and uses the powerful magic of herbs.

Dennis Francis
Evil, greedy and without a conscience, Francis is a retired corrupt businessman who likes to bully and use his ties with seedy local city government officials to get what he wants.

When driven out of business for polluting the water ways and city drinking water with dangerous chemicals, he became the Dark Master's evil henchman and has sworn his alliance with the Dark Master to destroy all plant life on the planet Earth.

Francis is a very dangerous man, who in the past kidnapped and tried to kill Darach. Using his new understanding of magical herbs, Darach was able to send a message to his Uncle Rubus who saved him from certain death.

Andy is the pudgy dark-haired boy who lives down the street; he was befriended by Darach. Andy is not known for his bravery or loyalty.

When he saw the vision of the dragon Prometheus and was attacked by the dog-like creature who lives in the underground aquifer, Andy ran home and cried to his parents.

His mother had a difficult time believing that, living down the street from them, Darach and his Uncle Rubus were practicing witchcraft; they forced Andy into psychiatric therapy.

Andy holds deep resentment toward Darach and blames him for the mandatory counseling. Darach will learn a valuable lesson: be careful who you trust with your secrets.
The Dark Master
Only a select few have actually seen or talked to this evil entity. No one in the Rubus household knows who or what this creature is and why it uses its power to destroy plant life. Darach has heard the Dark Master speak, but has never actually laid eyes on it.

On numerous occasions it tried to kill and harm both Darach and Rubus. It tried to stop them from saving plant life.

The Dark Master uses nearly invisible creatures called aridnoids to kill by sucking life-giving moisture from humans.
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